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Summer 2019 Weekend EDM Festivals

June 06, 2019

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Top 5 EDM Festivals of the Weekend

If you are like me, festival season is the time of the year to let go of the stress and anxiety that life has to offer. For those few hours its almost like your weightless and the world melts away. All that’s important is the beat running through your veins, taking over your soul in the most beautiful way possible.

Are you able to block out the noise and connect with the people around you? Are you feeling yourself in your best outfit yet? Can you be found in the back meeting people with your awesome dance moves? If so, I hope we get the opportunity to run into each other at one of the upcoming shows!

Top 5 EDM Festivals around the world happening this weekend!

1.  Summerburst - Göteborg & Stockholm - Sweden

Summer is starting off on an electric note and in just a few days! This two day music extravaganza is the city's biggest outdoor dance party of the year. The biggest names in dance music will be attending with 34 confirmed acts. This is the 9th year holding the edm festivals in Stockholm and the 8th year for Göteborg. They are going stronger then ever to put on the best show of them all. 

The venue is being held at two places and two different dates. One venue just wont be enough to contain this light festival.

Summerburst  Göteborg will be held on June 7-8, 2019 @ Ullevi, Ullevigatan Gothenburg, Sweden. This venue is one of the largest stadiums in a Nordic country with a capacity of 75,000! Will they fill it up?? Let the good vibes flow!

Summerburst Stockholm will be held on August 30-31, 2019 @ Stadion, Open Air Venue, Stockholm, Sweden. They are pulling out all the stops with the production this year including 3 stages and pyrotechnics.. Who doesn't want to start and end the summer with a massive event!

If you are considering traveling, you will not be disappointed with the location. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden which encompasses 14 islands and more than 50 bridges on an extensive Baltic Sea archipelago. Let's just say, Instagram will love you! Cobblestone streets and ochre-colored buildings are home to the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral. History will be lining these streets with something interesting for you to see and learn around every corner. 

Get your passports ready because your adventure awaits!

2. Spring Awakening Music Festival - USA

How quickly can Friday get here? With only a few more hours until the kick of of the 2019 Spring Awakening Music Festival we are saddened with the news that Martin Garrix will not be performing and wish him the best for his recovery. We will still be lifted up with vibrations and taken on a spiritual journey with all the amazing artists they have in this light festival. 

SAMF has moved locations to historic Poplar Creek, Hoffman Estates, IL, USA. This is very good news to everyone looking forward to the three day weekend event. This new venue has 27 acres of land, this is nearly three times larger than the previous venue! Can we say massive!! The stages were not left behind, including two massive 2-3 story tall, multi-dimensional stages. People are watching the stages rise up higher than some office buildings. Its truly an amazing sight to see. 

Official dates for the event are June 7-9, 2019. Crowds are estimated to be around 25,000 - 30,000 each day. 

With more room to roam there will be more open space for additional experiential environments. In between set times or during a break find one of the many spaces which are designed with you in mind. Download the SAMF app to keep track of the map, set times, and useful festival tools. You can find it in your app store!

We cant forget about the after parties!!!! Illenium, Galantis, What So Not, Malaa, Claptone and lost more will be performing at the after party. So when the lights shut off, you must leave the venue but you for sure, don't have to go home. It's like sweet sweet music to my ears. 

3. World Club Dome - Space Edition - Germany

For the third stop on our list, i'm going to take you over to Germany for the World Club Dome June 7-9, 2019. This massive event has booked over 200 acts with 20 floors for your three day weekend getaway! If this festival isn't on your bucket list, i recommend putting it on their now! 

To name a few stage themes that I am sure everyone is looking forward to seeing is, The Forest Stage. Immerse yourself into the trees and forget all of your worries. The Zombie Stage. In zombie land you will sure find your gore and glam all thrown into one. New Outdoor Main Stage. Gather for some of the best artists around the world for a spectacular show you will have to see to believe. 

WCD hosts the biggest red carpet in the world to suit special guests and their VIP's to take them on a journey of a lifetime. You wont want to miss it!

Exactly 50 years after the first moon landing, WCD takes you to.. Space Edition.. A breathtaking world of entertainment!

The feeling you have, leaving your day to day life behind, your heart beating loudly and your mind completely cleared, is probably best compared to.. ZERO GRAVITY!

by World Club Dome

As it turns out, this festival SOLD OUT Monday June 3, 2019. If this festival sounds like something you have to be apart of, get ready for all the videos to hype you up and get ready to plan a trip. Germany here we come!

4. Extrema Outdoor - Belgium

Extrema Outdoor Belgium is a playground for the electronic dance movement. Booking over 100 artists, you will witness national and international shows. Bringing people together under the Limburg sky, enjoy yourself and forget the stress with this three day weekend event happening June 7-9, 2019.

EO is located in Limburg, Belgium which originated from the Netherlands. The very first festival took place in 1992. The concept moved on to Belgium in 2011 where it resides today. Take a ride in the bushy forest and the sunny beach of De Plas. Dancing from sand to trees never sounded so enjoyable. 

The venue is located around the exotic recreational lake of Kelchterhoef in Houthalen-Helchteren near Hasselt. Yes you may want to do some digging before you book the very first B&B that you find. So instead, stay with them! They offer 7 types of bungalows that can accommodate up to 10 people. They provide a shuttle service to and from the festival with access to the after parties and festival campsites. 

If we weren't already impressed that they are just going to be our saving grace of the weekend, there's more.. Wi-Fi, cleaning, 1 parking spot for 4 person bungalow and 2 parking spots for a larger group, sheets, towels and a fully stocked kitchen.. are we renting a home?? This sounds perfect and its only 10 minutes away from the festival with campsites available as well.

5.  7th Sunday Festival

The last amazing edm festival on the list, but certainly not the least, we present to you, 7th Sunday Festival happening June 9, 2019. This one day event is not to be looked over just because of the short stay. They bring this light festival full of almost 100 acts performing with 16 stages.. What's the last one day festival you've seen that has 16 stages.. WOW!

Sunday Festival is located in  Festivalterrein De RoostKeldonkseweg 8 Erp, The Netherlands. 

Along with the artists, they are providing lavish activities to keep you occupied all day long. Make bracelets or real flower hair bands. They provide a hair salon.. yep I said it. Who doesn't need a mid day pick me up from all the abuse our hair goes through all day. I say I love it! Don't worry guys, they didn't leave you out. They have a barber shop available for those last minute touch ups. Freeze with their ice queens.. interesting enough, you can become Elsa. Get airbrush tattoos, body paint and glitter. Stop in at one of the candy shops or for the more competitive festival goers, they have table football. 

Now we all know how were feeling when we leave the festival, so pumped right. What about the next day... well, not so hot. For this reason, they have provided a licensed massage therapist to loosen up those muscles before they horror of the next day comes crashing down. 

When we think of festivals we have to stop and think about the food. Not just any carnival festival food though, glorious food that makes your mouth water. Sunday Festival is coming to you packed with gourmet food. The nearby restaurants are going to be jealous hehe. 

To sum up our list that needs to be added to our bucket list. It looks like it would take us at least five years to get through because somehow, all five edm festivals are all happening this weekend. I'm guessing the following years wont be any different. Get our your calendars and your passports to travel around the world, meeting unique individuals like yourself, and embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. The only word of advice i have for you is, please.. Spread Positive Vibes!

 Until next time, Love you rave fam!

Altara Wilson

Entrepreneur, freelance web designer & developer based in New Mexico.

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